None of the disadvantages

  • ​Cost similar to conventional hybrids
  • Relatively light weight
  • Does not require "fast" chargers (which cost $0.28/kWh, or $9/gge**)
    • Rapidly refuelable w liquid fuels

Comparison of EV Options

Install fuel -> CO2 tanks in lower trunk compartment

Retrofitting an EV into the Oxyfuel Hybrid Electric Vehicle prototype

Pictured: Proposed Vehicle to be retrofitted, the Lucid Air Sedan

​​​​​TH2  Motors

​Remove 80 kWh from 110 kWh battery pack

--> Remaining 30 kWh pack provides 100+ mi of range

​Install two - 8.5 kW
SOFC packs into “frunk”

(17 kW total capacity)

 All of the  Advantages of EV's:

  • ​Silent, instant torque
  • Emissions free
  • Efficient
    • ​110 mpg-e (via grid charging)
    • 70 mpg-e (via liquid fuel)